Bruitparif is a non-profit organization and responsible for monitoring the environmental noise in the Paris agglomeration. Its missions are to characterize the noise environment on the regional territory with the help of noise measurements (permanent measurement network, measurement campaigns), modeling (realization of noise maps) and the conduct of studies. The association has developed a range of innovative sensors, from the “medusa” sensor that allows to see the noise, used for study purposes and to help in the management of noise pollution, to its prototype of sound radar “Hydre” aimed at controlling noise emissions from excessively noisy vehicles.

Bruitparif also supports institutional actors in the elaboration of Environmental Noise Prevention Plans (Plans de Prévention du Bruit dans l’Environnement or PPBE) and the promotion of good practices in the fight against noise pollution. Finally, Bruitparif is an information tool for the people of Ile-de-France through the communication of all the data collected and the studies produced.

As a partner of LISTEN, Bruitparif is financing Florian Angulo’s thesis on the analysis of complex environmental sound scenes.

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