Founded in 2015 in Paris, Orosound is a technology company globally recognized for its excellence in embedded audio.

An expert in acoustics, signal processing and embedded artificial intelligence, Orosound licenses its AI platform to brands that design cutting-edge audio products. Its proprietary technologies are embedded in thousands of consumer products:

  • Adaptive ANC: Active Noise Cancellation is dynamically tailored to the user and their environment to maximize performance in specific frequency bands and ensure natural sound.
  • AI-Enabled Voice Uplink NR: Noise reduction is optimized by AI for voice capture, providing the best denoising and intelligibility performance available today.
  • AI-Enhanced Natural Voice Communication: Orosound Tilde® Voice First technology combines beamforming and deep neural network denoising to provide a unique method for enhancing face-to-face conversations in noisy environments.

Beyond its licensing business, Orosound is recognized as an emerging player in the professional desktop headset market. Orosound is the only manufacturer to offer made-in-France, robust, and durable solutions.


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