Yves Grenier was Associate professor at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (now Télécom Paris) from 1977, and was appointed Professor there in 1984. For ten years, he directed the Signal and Image Processing Department, then renamed IDS (Image, Data, Signal) at LTCI, and is since April 2018 Professor Emeritus at Télécom Paris. Part of his research focused on multi-sensor signal processing: antenna filtering, localization of sources received on a sensor network. He has focused in particular on the applications of these techniques to aerial acoustics and to sound recording by microphone arrays: acoustic echo cancellation, dereverberation, noise reduction, source separation, spatialization by loudspeaker array. His interests have also led him to musical information extraction, multi-pitch detection, chord recognition. He has participated in many national and European projects (K-Space, 3D-Life, Quaero, Romeo ). He is a member of theIEEE and was technical co-chair of the “2010 IEEE International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing” MMSP 2010.

Keywords : Audio signal processing.

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