The ADASP group of Télécom-Paris has 10 papers accepted this year at the IEEE ICASSP-2024 conference.

This month Listen-Lab meeting is dedicated to a short presentation of each of the 10 papers:

  • Manvi Agarwal, Changhong Wang, Gaël Richard
    Structure-Informed Positional Encoding For Music Generation
  • Teysir Baoueb, Haocheng Liu, Mathieu Fontaine, Jonathan Le Roux, Gaël Richard
    SpecDiff-GAN: A Spectrally-Shaped Noise Diffusion GAN for Speech and Music Synthesis
  • Antonin Gagneré, Slim Essid, Geoffroy Peeters
    Adapting Pitch-Based Self Supervised Learning Models For Tempo Estimation
  • Elio Gruttadauria, Mathieu Fontaine, Slim Essid
    Online Speaker Diarization Of Meetings Guided By Speech Separation
  • Haocheng Liu, Teysir Baoueb, Mathieu Fontaine, Jonathan Le Roux, Gaël Richard
    GLA-Grad: A Griffin-Lim Extended Waveform Generation Diffusion Model
  • Aurian Quelennec, Michel Olvera, Geoffroy Peeters, Slim Essid
    On The Choice Of The Optimal Temporal Support For Audio Classification With Pre-Trained Embeddings
  • Côme Peladeau, Geoffroy Peeters
    Blind estimation of audio effects using an auto-encoder approach and differentiable signal processing
  • Gaël Richard, Pierre Chouteau, Bernardo Torres
    A Fully Differentiable Model for Unsupervised Singing Voice Separation
  • Alain Riou, Stefan Lattner, Gaëtan Hadjeres, Geoffroy Peeters
    Investigating Design Choices in Joint-Embedding Predictive Architectures for General Audio Representation Learning
  • Bernardo Torres, Geoffroy Peeters, Gaël Richard
    Unsupervised Harmonic Parameter Estimation Using Differentiable DSP and Spectral Optimal Transport